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SUNNYdays 4x4 entraine les Gazelles Vertes

Sauveur entraine Marie et Mélanie avant leur départ aux Rallye Aîcha des Gazelles ...

Quelques images de notre formateur, Sauveur BARBERA

Journée conduite 4x4 avec quelques amis. Ces photos étaient prises par Justin, un des ...

Bienvenue sur le Blog de SUNNYdays 4x4

Bonjour et bienvenue sur notre blog 4x4 !C'est ici que vous pourrez suivre nos aventures, et celles ...
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Incentives | Sunny Days Nice 4x4

Incentives & Events

Not far from the beaches the terrain changes: Here, the rugged landscapes, the country roads, the valleys and rivers, the cut-stone abodes, the bell towers of churches and chapels, the squares and village fountains of Nice's hinterland set the tone of life. Here, we see reflections of heritage, tradition and authenticity.

Take time to think outside the box, climb the wild mountains and leave the sea behind you. Discover nature, unspoilt and virgin.

The number of 4x4 available to you will be adapted to the size of your group. Please allow 3 to 4 people per vehicle. Each participant will drive a 4x4 in turn under the guidance of our professional instructors. Depending on your requirements, we can offer à la carte team-building events and incentives. This day will be organised in the form of challenges and combined with other fun activities and sports.

Several trails and domains are possible, depending on the ground and weather conditions, ranging from a beginners trail to terrain adapted for the more experienced. Whether a starter or an off-road adept, you’re bound to face challenges that stretch your limits and build your team.

Picnic meal prepared by a caterer and restaurant dining are both possible, depending on your requirements.Water, juice, other drinks available. Snacks provided - off-roading is often thirsty work!

For more details, contact us!

SUNNYdays 4x4: Off road passions, thrills assured!